Easy-Rinse X Sponge Scourer



A general-purpose sponge and scourer. The scouring surface is effective for every-day washing-up and kind enough to use on and regular glass wear too.

Made from an exclusive high density polyurethane (PU), this sponge is high foaming, fast rinsing and proven to use less detergent for cleaning. As with all SHOWA X-sponges, it is shaped to give you easy access to hard-to-reach areas and can be bent and folded to allow you to grip all shapes of dishes and plates. The open structure of the web on the scouring surface helps prevent grease from being retained. Silver ion technology also gives this product anti-bacterial properties.

Patented SHOWA manufacturing technologies ensure a lasting bond is achieved between webbing and sponge – solving a common problem that exists with many other types of washing up sponge.

Made in Japan

11 x 8 x 3.5cm H. (4¼” x 3″ x 1¼”).


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